Penny Press Machine

We call them pressed pennies.

You can call them elongated pennies, pressed cents, copper souvenirs, squished pennies, squashed pennies, squeezed pennies, souvenir pennies, pressed coins, squashed cents, collector pennies, rolled pennies, flattened pennies, or pressed coppers.

It really doesn’t matter what you call them but at JM Vending we call them pressed pennies, and at JM Vending we supply the best and most dependable penny press in the world.

Our hand-cranked machine is attractive and interactive. The customer presses the penny themselves. And that interactive feature generates more use and therefore more revenue. In fact a well-placed interactive Press-A-Penny penny press will earn more on a per square foot basis than almost any other coin-op vending machine.

Our pressed penny or elongated penny souvenirs are highly collectable. Hundreds of thousands of people collect them. Just look at our links page to see collector sites.

Souvenir pressed coins are inexpensive souvenirs yet lifetime mementos. At some gift shops they tell us that our pressed pennies are the one thing whose cost is always a positive factor.